Walkthrough for Oars 20 Stamina [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

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A quick walkthrough for the Oars 48 hour event on the Japanese version of One Piece Treasure Cruise. The mission is to deal 50,000 damage as many times as you can. For first place, you only need to do it 32 times. Good news is, Oars has 2,000,000 HP so if you’re careful you can get over 30 points from Oars alone. If you get lucky with stage 4 and get Dr. Hogback, you’ll be able to score 6 points on him compared to only two or three points on Perona or Absolom.

Remember, that none of the characters that appear will drop. The only thing that drops are skill books, but almost any skill book in the game can drop, including 6* characters such as Log Luffy and Whitebeard.

Teams Showcased:
Double Gear 3 Team

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22 thoughts on “Walkthrough for Oars 20 Stamina [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

  1. DD -gaming vids says:

    is he the ors in the war

  2. Orlean Prosper says:

    Spiral crab!! Why was that so hilarious to me?

  3. Crispy Trell says:

    anybody have kid that I can add? really need to use him

  4. happy guy says:

    can you tell me how to level up your characters quickly? cause I have like 30+ unevolved characters and its a real pain in the ass to try and level them up :/

  5. ayden khan says:

    Zeenigami, if i have an android and put my SD card to a DIFFERENT device (but is android), will i lose my characters on JPN?

  6. Tamildin says:

    Omg zeenigami did u pull during the sugo fest and if u did you gave me luck and I got 6 star croc 😀 I love you

  7. Stephen Dragneel says:

    hey zeenigami man plz quick question why is my doffy special (ON GLOBAL) hence hes fully evolved at 29lv while other doffys i see have 28 reason im asking is iv gotten his speacial to LV 3 and shows 26 thank again

  8. Ferinferno says:

    What's the best way to level up your characters? Cause I just farm a story mode stage with one type like strength and feed them to my characters. Sincerely, a person struggling to level up BB

  9. Safwan Ahmed says:

    how do u play one piece on your computer

  10. Cactus Bio says:

    I can drop jimbei on 15 stamina island ??

  11. Tamildin says:

    Got 3 new chars I needed in the new sugo 😛 Got moria,thatch and a koala

  12. messi1068 says:

    700 stamina, 4 GP usopp books, 0 skill up

  13. Marco Conde says:

    lol i got boa book on the first run and marco on the second haha

  14. SognoAmato says:

    would a gear 3 luffy, ashura ichibugin zoro, mirage tempo nami, golden pound ussop, diable jambe sanji and a gear 3 friend captain work for this?

  15. Legendary Memeking says:

    Minecraft kids be like: THATS NOT HOW YOU SPELL ORES!

  16. mark claps says:

    do you have any other team instead of g3? like comeon not all people have g3 and all your teams are g3

  17. Riley Steele says:

    eyy nice job! hitting good great great (last stage) is rly helpfull, good strategy.

  18. assassin8or says:

    I heard Boris say Aokiji isnt coming to global ???


  19. Yongwei Liu says:

    Hey Zeeni, i have whitebeard and legend mihawk. Can i add u?

  20. Kasumi Desu says:

    Damn, bad quali atm :(

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    Love your Videos

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