Walkthrough for Aokiji 60 Stamina – Sengoku & Mihawk [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

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Walkthrough for the 60 stamina Aokiji Raid boss on the Japanese version of One Piece Treasure Cruise. Aokiji is an incredibly hard fight, and my vote as the second hardest raid in the game. Since it’s such a hard fight, it’s really had to beat it without at least a few rare recruit units. One of the ways you can beat this island using only Free To Play units is a double Mihawk Slasher team, but you need some very high level PSY slashers such as Momonga.

Teams Showcased:
Double Sengoku Team
Double INT Mihawk Slasher Team

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33 thoughts on “Walkthrough for Aokiji 60 Stamina – Sengoku & Mihawk [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

  1. wesam jaljuli says:

    can i beat him with vivi-pell team dont care how much time i takes

  2. fu ya says:

    need sengoku friends gb 140,303,099

  3. Haider Al-Iraqi says:

    I won a trip Rob Lucci and stages that then do not open Why? What is the way to open later stages? please reply

  4. Yuki Tsun says:

    is the game playable offline?

  5. Mo Na'ni says:

    WHAT IS THE SONG AT THE END? Ive been looking for so long

  6. gsde ff says:

    Will double 6 star mihawk work zeen?


    Does he lock under 20%?

  8. Serok Tunc says:

    i dont have nami and momonga what can i use instead?

  9. วิทยา บุญสวน says:

    coming on global double garp not recommend ??

  10. Achillies Hercules says:

    Is everyone ready to cry on thursday

  11. XD6942021LMAOXD Btw i fkd ur mom says:

    this is going to be hard on friday

  12. CaptCorby says:

    I just came up with this team
    Gear 3 Kid
    Rakuyo Urouge
    Doffy Mihawk
    ofc all max lvl/special and chain and silence sockets.
    Do you think it can clear 60stamina? Could you maybe try it out on japan?

  13. Ruben Pereirea da cunha says:

    Hi, i have a question, i'm new to this game (lvl 70) region europe (i'm french) and what i want to know is what bosses should i farm and when it's the best moments to farm them ? i'm on Jaya Ch.7 on the adventure

  14. anime god says:

    Hey zeeni do u have kik Mr zach

  15. anime god says:

    Also zeeni remember ichigo4600 on twitch that's me

  16. Ventus will says:

    I have a question about Princess Turtle. Can Tilestone beat Princess Turtle? His special deals 15k fixed damage

  17. Lewis Gray says:

    zeenigami, How can I be your friend on treasure cruise Global?

  18. NaitzBills ✝ スティーブン says:

    The Droprate for GP Books is so Bullshit i only got 1 book

  19. Bumblebee Royal says:

    what is the songs that you play when you showcase other teams?

  20. Guido LaVespa says:

    Usefull sockets on GP Usopp? :)

  21. Shade the wolf says:

    anyone in here know how to reply to the data recovery email for acc restoration

  22. jaka4ever jaka4ever says:

    any one have any clue when will be a sugofest on globale. any one ?

  23. gajeel reborn says:

    i farm 52 mihawks are they enough to max the special??
    and what socket u recoment to give him??

  24. Chris Wave says:

    Any other way?


    man, u talk so funny at mihawk's part, i can't stop laughing XD

  26. gamer_J_is_on says:

    how do you play on the computer

  27. Eggy Eggs says:

    +zeenigami do you know the drop rate for 30 stamina mihawk? I've played it 7-8 times and he never dropped 🙁 and I can't do 40 stamina mihawk because I don't have a golden pound usopp at all :/

  28. Saim Dursun says:

    i am going to cry the droprate on kuro 15 stamina for go books is sooooo bad

    (my gp needs one more skill up)

    what should i do kuro for gp or afro ruffy for sockets

  29. Massimo Hillebrand says:

    Nice man that one looks really difficult

  30. Dionysus Rodriguez says:

    I'm so mad Zeenigami. I almost beat Mihawk 40sta with Bepo/G3. I just didn't have enough gems to survive the last turn. GODDAMNIT LMAO

  31. anime god says:

    Any voyage log namis plz add me just ask my code

  32. anime god says:

    True that would be a good team

  33. funnyordeath says:

    for enel raid I'm using double zoro/ 5* apoo/ 5* doflamingo/ and 5* mihawk. how many gems will I need?

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