Walkthrough for 60 Stamina Doflamingo ft. F2P Slashers [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

Hack Unlimited Gems for FREE!

Walkthrough for 60 Stamina Doflamingo Raid Boss on the Global version of One Piece Treasure Cruise using a double Mihawk team and more! In general, remember that Doflamingo 60 stamina is your introduction to the world of hard OPTC fights. His captain ability and special are two of the best in the game, so it’s quite worth the effort to get many copies of him.

If you’re using Alvida or Perona to reduce the damage of Doflamingo’s first attack, make sure you take into consideration the 1/2 HP cut he does as a preemptive attack when calculating how much damage you can stall. With a MAX Golden Pound Usopp, you can use him both on stage 4, and once again on Doflamingo as well.

Teams Showcased:
Double Mihawk Free To Play 00:15
Double Gear 3 Team 7:40
Double Whitebeard Team (non-MAX special) 9:12
Whitebeard + Kid Striker Team 10:32

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26 thoughts on “Walkthrough for 60 Stamina Doflamingo ft. F2P Slashers [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

  1. welnot welnot says:

    Damn zeeni thx a lot for this video, i helped me so much ! :DDD

  2. LPAggressive says:

    works mr 1 for perona, in the 2. team?

  3. Whitebeard says:

    +Zeenigami would a training zoro also work well in this team?

  4. deez nuts says:

    i used double mihawk mr1 ohm and Arlong. i only needed above 18000 hp and i can take both doffys hits

  5. One Piece Power says:

    Hi zeenigami, i have a question. what program do you use to play OPTC on PC? thanks

  6. Issa Abdalla says:

    can I replace Mr.1 for koza

  7. J R says:

    All perfect but GPU still at 13 CD, RIP

  8. Berat Purut says:

    Next Time he comes on Japan can I use 3D2Y zoro instead instead of mr1 ? His special works fine but i can't use the final stage of his special

  9. jëttsön : says:

    Hey Zeeni, if you mind me asking (sorta off-topic) but what is the song you used near the end with the alternative teams.

  10. geebeepman says:

    well.. spent 15 gems in total mainly because of mistake after mistake in getting perfects with double g3 lead. for some reason i am having difficulty getting 3 perfects in a row when i'm using g3 lead but not when i'm using other leads.. would've not used a single gem if only i don't suck so hard at getting perfects.. sigh..
    at least i got doffy finally after 4 tries, a lot of continues plus energy refills, hoping he's worth it.

  11. Christian Garcia says:

    i didnt get doffy in the end oh well guess im gonna have to try harder next time doffy comes back

  12. James Carter says:

    how much hp do I need to take a hit from 2nd doflamingo using alvida spec

  13. noah carrillo says:

    Finally got him! Now I only have to level him up

  14. Andrew Lin says:

    Can I replace the gear 3 luffy with black beard on the gear 3 team

  15. Treebol ne says:

    max goldenpound. i think 2× skill up would be nice for this

  16. Luke “The Lukezzade” Johnston says:

    can i replace arlong with a fossa instead? high attack and special that boosts str characters.

  17. jeremy97 says:

    Is 6* Doffy better then 6* Sabo Zenni?

  18. DD -gaming vids says:

    what is the best ship in the game?

  19. Birch Trees says:

    What do you mean by "free to play"

  20. Zolo Zoro says:

    Zeen, the description says this video features a double Blackbeard team even though you used a double mihawk team.

  21. Zombiefan says:

    Why has EVERYONE else than me got Gear 3 Luffy? Was it some kinda event or something else?

  22. Philipp Pf says:

    It's nice to see myself on your friend list :)

  23. Fraken Stein says:

    I really want to get him

  24. David Prinz says:

    just managed my first time 60 stamina without a gem, but because skill-up is yet to come my box is full to the brim with 50+ mihawks/monster choppers… not to emntion all those skill books for marco and other rare recruit only characters :/ only gonna be able to hold 15 copys of doffy

  25. leandro mota says:

    do we need really a jozu for a double whitebeard team?

  26. Rodith says:

    For double mihawk – is it really necessary that both Mihawks are maxed?

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