OPTC RANKING GUIDE: OKAMA ISLAND!!! (One Piece Treasure Cruise – Global)

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What’s going on my broskiis?

In today’s video, I breakdown how to beat the 15-Stamina ranking mission on OPTC Global’s Okama Island!

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18 thoughts on “OPTC RANKING GUIDE: OKAMA ISLAND!!! (One Piece Treasure Cruise – Global)

  1. chrisisafish says:

    My Doflamingo is at a 28 turn cooldown, can I substitute him for Coby maybe? Since Coby can also enhance orbs

  2. One piece treasure cruiser 0104 says:

    I got 1.9 million damage any tips to help me beat this

  3. zuldzin7 says:

    So I have only 108 team cost atm, my LL and doffy arent evolved yet as team cost doesnt allow it , what could be best team for me to use on this ranking?

  4. OPTC Account Giveaways says:


  5. Drazen Peric says:

    3.8mil With LL, Doffy, Impact, Rakuyo and Slasher Croc on last Stage

  6. Marco Conde says:

    i dont have impact ussop

  7. WITCHMASTER46 says:

    Thanks man I hope you continue to support us noobs lol

  8. Pierrick Martins says:

    Good job and thank

  9. EqeLiZeR says:

    My characters are too low level though I did it with only 1.8m dmg at the end :/ damn I need to level up my psy units xD

  10. statizz says:

    555-864-303 add if you have killer

  11. Seb Reni says:

    I did the exact same strategy but ended up killing the bitch with bon clay… it didnt have enough hp to let me hit it with squardo?

  12. Sabo-Kun OPTC says:

    ok nice video

  13. Pranky Prank says:

    thanks dude, I did it with only 1 try :)

  14. Valkyrie 887 says:

    Ah good team man

  15. Xx Vio-V xX says:

    Is there Any other Team Then double gear3?

  16. iK96Ma says:


  17. Carbon Bonds (HCN) says:

    Thanks for the guide bud!

  18. Kasumi Desu says:

    thank you for this, make more, I'd love to watch these.

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