One piece treasure cruise JP 2-Year Anniversary Sugofest! Day 1

Hack Unlimited Gems for FREE!

トレクル One piece treasure cruise 2-Year Anniversary Sugofest!

Day 1 Bullet’s sugofest

Come see what I get!

hope you all enjoy!

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18 thoughts on “One piece treasure cruise JP 2-Year Anniversary Sugofest! Day 1

  1. DeathNecrid says:

    nice video but would be nice if you could include a list of missing units beforehand :D

  2. Joshua Mead says:

    That girl sounds weird as fuck

  3. XDLoLz says:

    i always wondered why are there two different person for this channel an asian dude and a white dude?

  4. döner bude says:

    jimbe really likes you xD

  5. Max says:

    re rolled again and got corazon after first initial summon + unevolved 3d2y franky with funk brothers also unevolved.

  6. Fenrir says:

    hahahah you couldn't resist and got your reward xD

  7. Spike Tatton says:

    I opened one and i got shit :(

  8. braden harbin says:

    I had one pull and I got bartolomeo! so happy.

  9. Nash Gold Jr says:

    I got 2 legends from two multi kills. I got duplicate Marco and law

  10. Ima edit That out says:

    You have bad luck :0
    I got 6 legends from 5 multi pulls

  11. iPyrha says:

    So happy for you ! Nice Sugooo ! Congrats ! :D

  12. assassin8or says:

    Welcome to the OP croc owners association

  13. LightRuler003 says:

    hope to see some op croc teams in the future :)

  14. Aaron Of Doom says:

    I'm sorry you got dupe legends. I also pulled a dupe Mihawk.

  15. Shadow says:

    i wish i could do that many pulls lol

  16. Captain Hitsu says:

    yo u got shitted on this sugo scrub!

  17. Shahidul Chowdhury says:

    Hey infamous do you know how to buy gems on iOS ?

  18. xBLACKBEARDx671 Gaming says:

    LOL awsome vid man. You went all out. congrats to your new pulls.

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