LOG UNITS GONE?! OPTC Discussion! (One Piece Treasure Cruise – Global)

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What’s going on my broskiis?

In today’s video, I discuss the recent news that the Log Units will no longer be in Rare Recruit in OPTC Global.

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33 thoughts on “LOG UNITS GONE?! OPTC Discussion! (One Piece Treasure Cruise – Global)

  1. Alexander Johnson says:

    Really hoping for strong world characters :D

  2. Legendary Memeking says:

    Hello Japan my old friend. I've come to play you again.

  3. Jimmy John says:

    So they take stuff from Global for our 10mil downloads, but for Japan's 2 year they give them like 4 super meats, turtles out the ass, skill up booklets, orb booklets, and gems. Fuck you Bandai you cock sucking Jews.

  4. Ameer Zaman says:

    We should start a pettition to get logs back and sw

  5. Bruce Lee says:

    Hey i´m looking your videos for about two weeks and i think you're very ccol dude #nohomo and do you ever asked bandai personally why we dont get Zephyre or when do we get them or can you write them an email ?

  6. Red Devil says:

    No log luffy?I quit.

  7. Bryar Goddard says:

    The only good log character is luffy and vivi anyways

  8. Martina Habermehl-Schnarr says:

    maybe they bring Z to say sorry

  9. Lick Pasta says:

    Ok Bandai I've spent 200 dollars so far just to pull LL. Like, what now?

  10. döner bude says:

    it's not like I ever had the hope of getting log luffy on silverfest

  11. forastero54321 says:

    maybe they just mean to say that theses characters will be sugo only?

  12. Ian Martinez says:

    thank god I got log luffy

  13. Luis Rivera says:

    I don't really care cause I have log luffy

  14. cyrusd johnson says:

    You weren't going to get Log Luffy anyway. Don't pout

  15. Edward Lopez says:

    'I need to explain what's going on'

    later in the vid: 'I have no idea what's going on' lel

  16. Anthony says:

    I remembered how I was so mad at getting another copy of LL when I already had one. But now… I regretted so much to feed it to my main LL. Wish I could give it to someone…

  17. Marco the Pheonix says:

    Well sorry to say this but i'm pretty happy that the log char's are gone because i have logluffy, log nami and log zorro and i really dont need more also i fucking pulled Log Nami so damn often

  18. jëttsön : says:

    Annoying Doffy, what you gotta say about this?

  19. OPTC Account Giveaways says:

    RIP Global

  20. Stephen Dragneel says:

    For those who don't have Log Luffy; consider yourselves lucky. People with Log Luffy will now have to go through the dread of friends slowly disappearing and not playing, resulting in LL being completely useless.

  21. Chris Sukam says:

    They could at least explain why.Pretty sure it wouldn't make sense because this doesn't make sense.

    They treat Global like 2nd class citizens.Global is missing so many content.It's way far behind compared to Japan.I would of abandoned Global,the problem is I don't want to make a Japanese Itunes account and have to start OPTC from the beginning.But what Bandai is doing is bullshit.

  22. Hentai Neko says:

    They're going to come back, they never were meant to be in game for that long. In japan it happens the same way. I feel like people shouldn't make such a big deal about this, since some are good but in all honesty, you wont use most of them. Toadskii makes it sound like Log Luffy is everything, but really most people dont even have log characters and they can still clear stuff up. Hell I dont have that many log characters nor do I use them, I only really cared for Chopper because I'm such a chopper enthusiast but really only Log Luffy is alright but thats a legend, its supposed to be rare in the first place.

    And no they arent removing content, they were supposed to be limited edition characters, like 6* in general.

    Anyways, this is my opinion. People shouldn't go crazy about it.

  23. SuperXploder560 says:

    bandai:"Thank you so much for 10 million downloads, also were taking away all log characters"

  24. Thoningames says:

    Luckily I already got Log Luffy and log sanji, but I really wanted the other characters too! Why are they doing this?

  25. shiprekt 90 says:

    i can agree with take log characters away and do as japan and have a event for them aswell as higher chance of getting LL but to take them away from the pool for good is so bad, 1 legend less. i dont get why bandai make us global players suffer and deal with this bullshit, we want zephyr, sw batch, new 0 staminas and log luffy in the RR pool!!

  26. UTxProphecyDaGreat says:

    Not gonna happen but what if they changed Log Luffy an took him from being red to gold an gave him to everyone for free

  27. giosuè romani says:

    The fact that the date is exactly when the new Sugo-Fest is strange. I follow both the Italian and English OPTC community. Some players from the Italian community speculated that the change could be only for the current "special" Sugo-Fest as this change isn't clear.
    I hope their are right, for now we all have to wait for Bandai response to our feedback in the next few days!

  28. NTheTwitcher says:

    Ugh… I really like Luffy… I wanted to pull him so bad last Sugo-Fest… Well people always complain that Global is easy, this puts a challenge. :)

  29. François Aubé-Larouche says:

    Im SSOOOOO HAPPY that i got Log luffy and voyage dream vivi not too long ago

  30. YoBryce “HachiRoku” Kim says:

    I'm avid (was) Global player, but with this false skill up and bad customer service drove me to JP. There is no upside to play GLB outside of language support and most of veteran players already know what each units and buttons do now. It pains me to abandon my global which is lv 200+ and 11 legends with 130+ gems still unused.

  31. Aaron Of Doom says:

    I pulled Log Luffy when he first came out!

  32. Fabian says:

    all the log chars were exclusive for like 2 weeks in japan when they were released.. so i kind of get the removing of the normal log chars..but log luffy is still always in the RR-Pool in jp so i dont get their move here….hopefully its just a typo thing where they just copied the Log List and forgot to take out LL ?….hopefully…

  33. Andrei Frostt says:

    this is so unfair! they should remove alabasta, cobys and helmeppos instead of this, god dammit

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